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Signing a Contract

Providing for yourself and your family by buying and owning a home is at the heart of the American dream. An investment in residential real estate is the single biggest investment and decision that the majority of Americans will make in their lifetimes. While shopping for a home, buyers contemplate many factors such as: best location, finest schools, and most affordable property taxes. When selling their home, sellers work to obtain the best price, the most qualified buyers, and the easiest and most cost effective means to a sale to maximize their return.


Many people fail to consider one of the most important resources they can use to ensure that their real property buying or selling experience goes smoothly is a consultation with New York real estate attorneys at Law Offices of Anatta Levinsky, P.C. We can help you with your residential or commercial real estate contracts in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Often times we find that issues arise in the negotiation and drafting of the purchase and sale contract, in reviewing the title or survey, in dealing with items discovered in the inspection process or in performing due diligence on the property, or in the required modification or termination of a contract, in these cases our contribution can be of valuable assistance.


Issues that come about by poor contract drafting or failure to identify potential problems early in the estate acquisition or sale process create disputes that often can only be resolved by litigation. In New York real estate litigation can be very costly and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating. Let us give you the peace of mind that you deserve by being involved up front in your residential or commercial real estate transaction.

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